Welcome to my website.

Hello I'm Sean Anderson, I'm an AI and Machine Learning Software Engineer at Filament and this is my site. I created the website myself by using HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap.

Find Out More About Me


I have just completed my second year studying Computer Science at Aberystwyth University. In August I will start a year in industry at Gloversure where I will be creating large scale web applications and mobile applications. In terms of Programming languages I know: Java, C, C++ and PHP Other coding languages I know are: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript) and Prolog.

Hobbies and Interests

A pair of orange headphones

DJing and music

I am a bedroom DJ in that I create mixes which can be found at My Soundcloud page

a martial artist kicking the air


I am a 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate

A image of a jogging person


I love to go on jogs and average about 6km every other day.

A games controller


I absolutely love keeping up to date and using the latest technology.

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Please email me if you would like my phone number.